Mid-Carolina Firearms Training

Our Values

Mid-Carolina Firearms Training is a family owned company based in Denton, NC.  We support the Second Amendment rights of all Americans but believe that, with these rights, come certain responsibilities.  We believe that it is the responsibility of all gun owners to arm themselves with the skills and knowledge to own and operate firearms safely.  We also believe that training, knowledge, and responsibility are fundamental to prevention of accidental firearms injuries.  We take pride in offering firearms training for all skill and comfort levels.

Our Instructors

Our instructors offer skills and knowledge gained through years of shooting experience, both recreational and professional.  We have instructors with many years of military and law enforcement firearms training.

All of our instructors have completed the National Rifle Association's Pistol Instructor Training course and maintain this certification by teaching NRA pistol training courses.  All of our instructors have also completed the North Carolina Justice Academy's Laws Governing Concealed Carry Handgun Course. 

We have both male and female instructors to accommodate specific needs of individual learners.

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